Monday Aug 22, 2022

Reimagine Care and CU Innovations – Part 2

This podcast episode continues our discussion with Dr. Aaron Gerber of Reimagine Care, a leading provider of cancer care in the home, and Dr. Clay Smith of CU Innovation Centers, the innovation and development arm of a leading health care organization.


Guest speakers:
Aaron Gerber, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Reimagine Care


Clay Smith, MD
Director, Blood Disorders and Cell Therapies Center
Medical Director, UCHealth and CU Innovation Centers
University of Colorado


Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA
Vice President
Member Backed Ventures


Show Notes:

[00:43] Addressing key needs in the market

[02:00] Changing an archaic approach in home care

[02:44) New sophistication with proactive, at-home patient monitoring

[03:42] New approach of clinical trials at a distance

[04:10] Ongoing testing of the Reimagine Care model

[05:17] Need for seamless monitoring and for payor recognition

[06:37] The Reimagine Care model: how it works

[09:43] Three main highlights in the Reimagine Care approach

[11:39] Future direction


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