MBV Summit Panel Part 2 - Pulling the lever: influencing patient activation and engagement through data interoperability

This is part two of our four-part series highlighting our Member-backed Ventures Summit, featuring interviews with our distinguished panel of digital health entrepreneurs. In this episode, we focus reducing the fragmentation of care delivery and empowerment of consumer-patients through digital solutions. These solutions provide autonomy to the consumer and an advantage to health care organizations who use them.


Guest speakers:
Kristen Valdes
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
b.well Connected Health


Meghan Robb
Vice President
Sg2 Product Management


John Bardis
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Adrian Lawrence
Chief Technology Officer


David Harvey
Chief Executive Officer
Panda Health


Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA
Vice President
Member Backed Ventures


Show Notes:

[01:22] Kristen Valdes – the rules have changed; new opportunities are emerging

[03:34] Health care is missing a necessary layer of technology

[05:36] Meghan Robb – digital technologies and the consumer

[07:36] John Bardis – a time that has never existed before

[07:47] Clinical economic philosophy

[09:03] A prospective process

[10:11] Adrian Lawrence – consumer environments have more of an impact on health than care received

[13:40] David Harvey – patients are not constrained by loyalty or proximity


Links | Resources:

Member Backed Ventures Summit Panel Keynote – Kristen Valdes Click here

b.well Connected Health website: www.icanbwell.com

ShareMD website: https://sharemd.com/

Panda Health website: https://panda.health/


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