Medically Home – Part 2

“All of the plans that I’ve seen … have always tried to restructure health care based on moving the money. … The real focus needs to be on the movement of care and the change of care.” These are the words of today’s guest, who continues his discussion about Medically Home, where the emphasis is the relationship to the patient in the home environment rather than a relationship with a payer. Medically Home is uniquely suited to deliver care to patients and families in their preferred location: the home.


Guest speaker:

Raphael Rakowski

Executive Chairman and Chief Business Development Officer

Medically Home



Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President and General Manager

Digital, Virtual and Ventures



Show Notes:

[00:44] Experience with Mayo and caring for complex patient conditions

[02:04] Making the investment

[04:57] Other partners

[05:32] Need for focus on three groups of complex patients

[06:42] Shifting from provider-payment model to care in the patient home

[07:45] Bundled payment for all care delivered

[08:09] Focus on movement of care and change of care not movement of money

[09:53] Enhanced ability to care for dispersed patient populations

[10:15] Working with the states

[11:00] House call from an angel: the power of a healer


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