Health Enterprise Partners

Health equity has become a dominant and urgent undertaking in patient care, and investment in health equity is on the increase. This episode features one of the drivers of that investment, Health Enterprise Partners, and the discussion will range from defining health equity to describing the various undertakings and investments, along with the attendant challenges, happening in the field today.


Guest speaker:
Ezra Mehlman, MBA
Managing Director
Health Enterprise Partners


Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA
Vice President
Member Backed Ventures


Show Notes:

[01:30] Defining health equity

[02:37] Care that is not culturally competent is inferior care

[03:37] Omnipresence of fee-for-service

[04:20] Challenge of tracking data

[05:15] Challenge of finding an ROI

[06:18] Solutions

[09:20] Where investment is headed

[11:16] Considerations for investment


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Health Enterprise Partners website:

Ezra Mehlman’s email:


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