Gyant and Intermountain Healthcare – Part 2

Adapting principles from the gaming industry, Gyant has created a digital platform to create better patient experiences, improve workflow and reduce costs. Join us as we continue our discussion about this powerful front door software and the benefits health care organizations can derive from partnering with Gyant.


Guest speakers:

Michael Phillips, MD, MBA

Partner and Managing Director

Intermountain Venture Fund

Intermountain Healthcare


Stefan Behrens, PhD, MBA

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer





Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President and General Manager

Digital, Virtual and Ventures



Show Notes:

[00:46] COVID symptom and navigation tools—alleviating pressure on phone lines

[02:05] Taking advantage of an opportunity during a bad situation

[03:51] Positive momentum in the market and a look at the future

[08:24] A benefit to the caregivers

[10:08] Addressing health equity


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Gyant Makes People Better Click here

Intermountain Healthcare Click here


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