Gyant and Intermountain Healthcare – Part 1

On this episode, we explore the partnership between Vizient member Intermountain Healthcare and Gyant, a digital front door software for hospitals and health systems to create better patient experiences, improve workflow and reduce costs.


Guest speakers:

Michael Phillips, MD, MBA

Partner and Managing Director

Intermountain Venture Fund

Intermountain Healthcare


Stefan Behrens, PhD, MBA

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer




Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President and General Manager

Digital, Virtual and Ventures



Show Notes:

[01:10] Stefan’s dad

[02:11] Out of the gaming experience

[02:29] The Gyant “tutorial” approach

[02:59] Intermountain Healthcare

[04:15] Value of Gyant: navigating health care

[09:40] Starting with an open question

[10:50] Cost-efficiency and ease of use

[13:24] A seamless handover


Links | Resources:

Gyant Makes People Better Click here

Intermountain Healthcare Click here


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