Tuesday May 30, 2023

Froedtert, Novant, Xealth - Part 1

“I have observed where there have been leaders in roles that introduce new technology but didn’t follow sound change management practices to build that adoption, to build that buy-in.” So says Amber Fencl, one or our guests on this episode of VentureSprout. She believes leaders should focus on technology adoption at the very beginning of the process and not in the middle of the production stage. This episode also brings in two other leaders who talk about how to develop technology and innovation to take health care beyond the conventional approach focused within the four walls of the hospital.


Guest speakers:

Amber Fencl, BBA

Senior Vice President

Chief Digital Health Officer

Novant Health


Mike Anderes, MBA, PT, FACHE

President, Inception Health

Chief Innovation and Digital Officer

Froedtert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin


Mike McSherry, BA

Chief Executive Officer




Corey Pegg, MHA

Associate Vice President

Member Backed Ventures



Heather Ramirez, MS

Ventures Director



Show Notes:

[01:22] Mike Anderes’ story: from PT to digital health

[03:00] Amber Fencl’s story: from financial services to digital health

[05:37] The need for sound change management practices in adopting technology

[07:19] Mike McSherry’s story: from Microsoft to digital entrepreneur to health care

[10:41] Overview of Froedtert and Inception Health: from failure to innovation

[13:05] “Outside-in”

[14:45] Investment and working with outside companies


Links | Resources:

Website for Novant Health: https://www.novanthealth.org/

Website for Inception Health: https://www.inceptionhealth.io/

Website for Xealth: https://www.xealth.com/


Vizient Member-Backed Ventures email: mbv.info@vizientinc.com

Amber Fencl’s email: abfencl@novanthealth.org

Mike Anderes’ email: michael.anderes@froedtert.com

Mike McSherry’s email: mike.mcsherry@xealth.io


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