Monday Apr 18, 2022

MBV Summit Panel Part 3 - Entering the digital health transformation: how Vizient member organizations can engage thoughtfully and directly in the new technology-driven landscape

This is part three of our four-part series highlighting our Member-backed Ventures Summit, featuring interviews with our distinguished panel of digital health entrepreneurs. In this episode, we focus on how both sides of the health care market – from start-ups to providers – can assert themselves as health care partners and leaders.


Guest speakers:
Niko Skievaski, MA
Co-Founder and President


Mike Phillips, MD, MBA
Partner and Managing Director
Intermountain Ventures


Sefan Behrens, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder


Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA
Vice President
Member Backed Ventures


Show Notes:

[01:06] Niko Skievaski – trends accelerated by the pandemic

[01:47] Look internally in your organization before looking at the external market

[02:28] Mike Phillips – reaching patients where they are at a very low cost

[02:54] Working with Gyant to help patient interaction

[03:51] Stefan Behrens – consumer expectations and engagement with the health care providers and health plans have completely changed

[04:48] Need for automation to overcome challenges


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Gyant website:


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