Friday Jan 20, 2023

Embracing new care models - Part 2

This episode continues our examination of the need for health care organizations to consider new approaches to care and, particularly, care at home. A leading expert from Sg2 joins the podcast to discuss the strategic imperative of going beyond the ambulatory space to provide better patient care.


Guest speaker:

Jayme Zage, PhD

Principal, Sg2 Intelligence




Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President, Member Backed Ventures



Heather Ramirez, MS

Ventures Director



Show Notes:

[03:33] Imperatives and innovations driving the movement to care in the home

[05:44] Sg2 Strategy Accelerator: describing patient populations at the forefront

[07:19] Payment uncertainty

[08:20] Areas of opportunity and necessity of key partnerships

[13:24] Meeting the challenge of the disruptors, and the role of virtual health

[16:22] Linking areas to consider in care at home – creating efficiencies in the process

[18:13] The business perspective


Links | Resources:

Sg2 Case Study: Care Connectivity Begins at Home: Click here

Vizient Member-Backed Ventures email:

Jayme Zage’s email:


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