Wednesday Mar 17, 2021

DexCare – Part 2

Part two of our series with DexCare explores the challenges health care organizations face in digital health, from competitors and disruptors in the market to complex market demands to fixed costs that hinder development. In our discussion, we review approaches DexCare is using to meet those challenges and provide on-demand, high-velocity care for patients in multiple venues.


Guest speakers:
Sara Vaezy, MHA, MPH
Chief Digital Strategy and Business Development Officer


Derek Streat, BA


Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA
Vice President and General Manager
Digital, Virtual and Ventures


Chris Pagano, MBA
Senior Consulting Director, Intelligence


Show Notes:

[01:08] Looking at the market situation today: a change in perspective and pace

[02:29] Health care organizations encumbered

[04:49] DexCare takes a different (e-commerce) approach

[06:39] Business model: three components

[07:26] A solution that never existed before

[11:10] Addressing the mixed model in health care

[11:43] Moving DexCare forward – the national network


Links | Resources:

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DexCare website Click here

Providence website Click here

“Providence pivots digital consumer tools for COVID-19 response” (Healthcare IT News) Click here


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