Tuesday Jul 13, 2021

b.well Connected Health – Part 1

When Kristen Valdes learned her daughter had a significant autoimmune condition, it started a long, arduous journey through the health care system to find diagnosis and treatment. This experience formed the basis for b.well Connected Health, a health care solution that allows individual patients to take control of their care experience. This episode will feature a discussion about the b.well platform and how it integrates data, insights and partners into a single, customized solution for patients and providers.


Guest speakers:

Kristen Valdes

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

b.well Connected Health


Imran Andrabi, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer



John Lock

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

MedStar Health



Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President and General Manager

Digital, Virtual and Ventures



Show Notes:

[01:37] Bailey’s story: the origin of b.well Connected Health

[04:07] Healing fractured, fragmented care: why organizations work with b.well

[07:32] The b.well experience for patients and providers

[13:38] How to engage with the platform

[16:12] Vetting the platform: seamlessness and interoperability

[17:28] The business model


Links | Resources:

b.well Connected Health Click here

ThedaCare Click here

MedStar Health Click here


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