and UnityPoint – Part 1

Asynchronous health, which removes the need for direct patient-provider contact except when critical, has emerged as a care approach that improves efficiency for patients and providers both. This podcast episode features a leading company that provides technology and expertise for asynchronous care and its partnership with a leading health care organization.


Guest speakers:

Emily Goetz
Vice President, Commercial


Matthew Warrens, MBA
Managing Director, Innovation
UnityPoint Health Ventures



Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA
Vice President
Member Backed Ventures


Show Notes:

[00:45] Background on

[01:32] UnityPoint Health and the rationale for partnering with

[03:45] UnityPoint’s direct investment fund

[05:40] Defining asynchronous care

[07:23] Higher-acuity patients and asynchronous care

[10:00] Benefits of the partnership

[11:20] Providing multiple access points


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