AristaMD and the University of Colorado School of Medicine – Part 2

In this episode, we continue our discussion about AristaMD, a digital health platform that allows payers and providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch e-consults with specialists. We will examine AristaMD’s partnership with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, both the details involved in making the partnership work and the successes seen as a result.


Guest speakers:

Glen Olson

Vice President

Business Development



John “Fred” Thomas, PhD, MSSW

Executive Director

Peer Mentored Care Collaborative

University of Colorado School of Medicine



Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President and General Manager

Digital, Virtual and Ventures



Show Notes:

[00:58] Specialists involved in e-consults

[02:47] Team members and their efforts

[05:48] Stakeholders

[09:40] E-consult first

[11:20] Health inequity


Links | Resources:

New Digital Frontier: Exploring Health Care Provider Spin-ups and NewCos Click here

AristaMD website Click here

AristaMD/University of Colorado School of Medicine partnership Click here


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