AristaMD and Stanford Health Care – Part 2

Tip Kim, Chief Market Development Officer at Stanford Health Care, describes the value of e-consults in this way: “What we found was … the primary care physician had a pretty good bead on what should be done, but that additional consult … really empowered the physician to do more for [the] patient.” On this episode, we continue our exploration of what e-consults have achieved through the partnership of Stanford Health Care and AristaMD, a digital health platform that allows payers and providers to quickly launch e-consults with specialists.


Guest speakers:

Tip Kim, MBA

Chief Market Development Officer

Stanford Health Care


Brooke LeVasseur, BA

Chief Executive Officer




Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President and General Manager

Digital, Virtual and Ventures



Show Notes:

[00:55] Rationale behind choosing to partner with AristaMD

[03:25] Deploying the team

[05:08] Increasing access to specialists and reducing care disparities

[07:07] How to discern the best of all the offerings marketed in health care

[08:10] Disruptors “running out of runway”

[09:30] Apps are not enough


Links | Resources:

New Digital Frontier: Exploring Health Care Provider Spin-ups and NewCos Click here

AristaMD website Click here

E-consults save time, money, and lives by avoiding long specialist waits Click here


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