Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

MBV Summit Panel Part 1 - A catalyst for change: COVID and the digital health necessity

This is part one of our four-part series highlighting our Member-backed Ventures Summit and interviews with our distinguished panel of digital health entrepreneurs. In this episode, we focus on the need for organizations to deliver digital health care in this era of heightened consumer/patient expectations. COVID-19 accelerated these expectations, and our panel relates how their digital solution companies, working with member health care organizations, deliver this needed transformation in care delivery.


Guest speakers:

Derek Streat, BA

Chief Executive Officer

DexCare Health


Pippa Shulman, DO, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Medically Home


Brooke LeVasseur, BA

Chief Executive Officer



Glen Olson

Vice President

Business Development




Crystal Mullis, RN, MBA, MHA

Vice President

Member Backed Ventures



Show Notes:

[01:30] Derek Streat – consumers expect it all; providers need to be more nimble

[06:22] Dr. Pippa Shulman – two major care shifts providers need to understand

[07:36] Patients are comparing their office visit to their experience with Amazon

[09:33] Brooke LeVasseur – being consumer- and physician-friendly

[12:21] Glen Olson – supporting the primary care physician

[13:55] Gigantic network of specialists – digital access is critical


Links | Resources:

Member Backed Ventures Summit Panel Keynote – Kristen Valdes Click here

DexCare Health www.dexcarehealth.com

Medically Home www.medicallyhome.com

AristaMD www.aristamd.com


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